Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Victorinox suitcases are here!!

Finally the wait is over. We can now proudly say we stock Victorinox Suitcases.

We are starting with the Hybri-Lite range. This range comes in an fantastic array of sizes, so hopefully one will suit you.

There are two carry on cases so no matter who you fly with there should be a size you can carry on!

The other three sizes allow you to get the best case for your holiday.

When you look at the case the first thing you will see is the design, and aren't they a beauty! Everyone here at Aspen agrees that this is the sleekest case we have seen!

The frame of these cases has been replaced with a poly carbonate mold, this helps to keep the case light and strong. These cases are what we call "hard sided" however the Hybri-Lite has been finished with a soft cover over the hard poly carbonate giving the case a elegant look.

When you first come to use your case, the first thing you will do is wheel it around. You will notice how gracefully the case glides over the ground. This is due to 4, 50mm Hinomoto wheels. These wheels are the best in the industry and give a smooth glide over any surface you may encounter in the airport!

When you have efficiant wheels on your suitcase, you need a way to control it! Victorinox has addressed this with a smooth one touch trolley system. This allows you to control your cases with ease while moving around the airport.

These cases come with lots of features to make your travelling easier!

The first nifty accessory is a shoe bag. This is a separate bag that allows you to put your shoes in. This can prevent you from making all your clean folded clothes dirty from shoes.

The next is a discrete name tag that slides out of a small pocket on the side of the case. A wroth while tip is to only put your Name, Email and Mobile number. As these are the main ways to get hold of you.

If you travel to America then you will hear the words TSA muttered. TSA is only used by American Customs and is a way of allowing them to open your case. TSA locks come in padlocks or side mounted locks. These cases come with a TSA padlock. When you get your case and look at the lock is appears to have a combination lock and a key lock. The combination lock is what you will use. The key lock is for customs to open your case with. Now you may think "What if someone else has a TSA key?" well not to worry! Since we started selling suitcases we have never seen or heard of a key for sale.

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