Friday, 12 September 2014

Size Matters! according to the BBC

Fantastic article on the BBC Business page today by Nigel Cassidy

Link to the following article on the BBC

'Size Matters: Which Airlines are best for Hand Baggage'

When it comes to carry on sizes for all the varying airlines it is safe to say its a jungle out there! That horrible feeling when you are directed to the cage for checking your luggage size, not a nice feeling. We sell carry on cases to satisfy most of the airlines, it does mean if you travel a lot and use lots of different carriers you may end up with a little family of carry on cases! or of course you opt for the smallest size to please all and miss out valuable luggage space when you fly with the more generous!

This is a brilliant article and clearly breaks down the jungle that is carry on cases.

Peace of mind makes for happier flying....

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