Monday, 22 September 2014

Christmas is just around the corner

With Christmas Day just 93 days away! Some planning may be worth contemplating!
Storage Box Advent Calendars make a wonderful countdown to Christmas for children and adults alike.

Storage drawers for each day make it infinitely personable. So I have compiled a list of ideas to get you thinking.

For Adults:
Luxury chocolates or a favourite sweet collection.
In day 1 put the bracelet to take charms, then in the remaining 23 days place a mixture of beads and spacers
Build a traditional charm bracelet in the same manor.
Wrap a small present for each day.
A ball ball to hang on the tree every day.
Make it into a clue tree to their main present. So a clue (maybe in rhyme form if you are so talented!) written down and placed in each box.
Or mix it up a bit! Edible, keep-able and clues for example.
These are a few suggestions! the options are limitless.

For Children:
Customise for your child's favourite sweet treat.
Put a different toy car in everyday in readiness for a garage given at Christmas.
Put a different farm animal in everyday for a farm opened on Christmas Day.
If you have a horse mad child (ooh I wasn't one of those!) a different model horse for every day.
If your child is into dressing up, a piece of child's jewellery in each box.
Or why not mix and match, alternate between sweets and a toy.

You may choose to have it as a family tree, with something for everyone in each box.
Of course these don't have to be just for the human members of the family.

Place a treat for each day for you cat, dog, hamster or goldfish!

Just search for Advent Tree at to start building your own tree of delight.

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