Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

High Sierra 'Freel' Rolling Holdalls

Practical rolling holdalls from High Sierra, the smaller of the two in the 'Freel' range has a removable rucksack attached on the front, making it a very versatile travelling companion and best of all we have them on special offer at the moment so grab yourself a stylish bargain!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Packing Guide

If you are new to packing, or maybe wish to pick up some tips to make packing easier, I have put together some information for you below.

A Travel Drawer
Is this you the night before you travel….
“My passport...I am sure it was in this drawer...ahhh where is it”
“I am sure I have some euros left over from last summer, now where did I put them”
“Oh no my case won't shut!”
“Boarding pass...John where did you put it?”........”Janet I gave them to you last week…..”
“John where did you put the phrase book?”
So why not start a travel drawer, somewhere you keep your passports, flight information, hotel and transfer transport details, when you come back from holiday put your leftover currency in the drawer. Keep your plug adapters, padlocks and a hint to your combination lock! a spot to keep phrasebooks and maps. This can save anything up to half an hour to several days!
I Just Chuck it all in my Case...
Is this you? ever have trouble shutting your case? Digging around to see if you have packed something or you want to squeeze an afterthought into the bottom of the case?
So instead of putting things straight in your case lay it out so you can see all your taking, either on the bed or the floor, first job to do when your have done that is go through all you have laid out (most people will take way more than they need and come back with unworn clothes) as you go through it take anything out you had in as a maybe, you probably won’t wear it, try and pick clothes that can mix and match colour wise, this will reduce the number of jumpers etc you will need to take.
Now to packing!
To make the case more stable when stood up and more balanced to wheel you need to keep the heavy items close to the wheels at the bottom of the case, so pack as follows from the bottom up:
1 - Books
2 - Shoes (place in carrier bags this keeps them off clean clothes and double as laundry bags for the trip home.) and don’t forget all that empty space inside your shoes, stuff,stuff, stuff should be your moto!
3 - Wash Bag (again wrap in a carrier bag) (Remember liquids need to be in clear bottles and bags, no more than 100ml for carry on cases) Maybe think of buying toothpaste, soap, shampoo etc when you get there and leave it there when you come home!
4 - Chargers and adapter plugs (Bag again to contain them)
5 - Evening bag - put your jewellery in here to protect it and stop it snagging on clothes.
6 - Belts (Roll them)
7 - Now plug any gaps in these first 6 layers with underwear, roll socks and use them to fill gaps, same with knickers/pants.
8 - Now the rest of your clothes, putting lighter weight fabrics at the top, either folding or rolling whichever is your preference.

Some Tips you Might Find Useful!
Wear your bulkiest, heaviest, shoes, coats etc that way freeing up space and weight in your case!
Plan ahead - contact the hotel, cruise ship, caravan park wherever you are staying and ask do they supply, hairdryers, irons, beach towels, dressing gowns, sand toys, in fact anything that is bulky and would be better left at home, answers of yes to any of these means do not take your own as well!
DO NOT leave packing to the last minute, the biggest cause of overpacking, overweight luggage is the last minute grab and stuff, start laying at least a week before hand. Planning = stress free holiday departure.
Fragile Items maybe wrap in some bubble wrap and pack into the centre of your case, this will give it as much protection as possible, but bare in mind that sometimes cases get a bit of a rough ride!
TSA guidelines Do follow the do’s and don'ts for TSA warranted travel, for the USA you need TSA padlocks / locks if you put a non TSA standard lock on your case security at the airport will use any method to open the case, normally damaging it. A TSA lock has an additional key hole that ONLY security at airports have the key for, if your case has a TSA lock they will open your case as you would and then lock it all back up for you after being checked.  Remember for carry on luggage liquids etc need to be in CLEAR bottles in a CLEAR plastic bags and no bigger than 100ml capacity. This can be annoying but on the plus side it does encourage you to leave behind all the large containers! and remember you can always buy top up toiletries at you destination! So in you check in case consider travel size toiletries - it saves a lot of space!
Weigh your case overweight charges at check in have the ouch factor so weigh before you leave the house, pop your case on your bathroom scales and check you are not overweight. (alternatively if thats difficult, weigh yourself and then weigh yourself holding your case, and subtract one from the other to get your case weight) and remember to leave a little spare so you have some space for souvenirs! Don’t get charged for overweight on the way home tainting your holiday memory.

To Fold or to Roll We advise rolling as
Folded = Creases
Rolled = Significantly less creasing
Now when you roll, roll into tight tubes it is no good if you roll so loose when you put the item down it falls flat!
For delicate fabrics for example silk, roll with a sheet of tissue paper on the inside of the roll, this will again help to reduce creasing.

Happy Packing!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

KLM's Lost & Found Service

What a brilliant marketing stunt by KLM!
Sadly if you fly to Schiphol Airport this affable Beagle will not be returning your phones, headphones etc to you! But what a lovely idea.

and of course the dog is called Sherlock and rumour has it he will be appearing again!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Christmas is just around the corner

With Christmas Day just 93 days away! Some planning may be worth contemplating!
Storage Box Advent Calendars make a wonderful countdown to Christmas for children and adults alike.

Storage drawers for each day make it infinitely personable. So I have compiled a list of ideas to get you thinking.

For Adults:
Luxury chocolates or a favourite sweet collection.
In day 1 put the bracelet to take charms, then in the remaining 23 days place a mixture of beads and spacers
Build a traditional charm bracelet in the same manor.
Wrap a small present for each day.
A ball ball to hang on the tree every day.
Make it into a clue tree to their main present. So a clue (maybe in rhyme form if you are so talented!) written down and placed in each box.
Or mix it up a bit! Edible, keep-able and clues for example.
These are a few suggestions! the options are limitless.

For Children:
Customise for your child's favourite sweet treat.
Put a different toy car in everyday in readiness for a garage given at Christmas.
Put a different farm animal in everyday for a farm opened on Christmas Day.
If you have a horse mad child (ooh I wasn't one of those!) a different model horse for every day.
If your child is into dressing up, a piece of child's jewellery in each box.
Or why not mix and match, alternate between sweets and a toy.

You may choose to have it as a family tree, with something for everyone in each box.
Of course these don't have to be just for the human members of the family.

Place a treat for each day for you cat, dog, hamster or goldfish!

Just search for Advent Tree at to start building your own tree of delight.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Size Matters! according to the BBC

Fantastic article on the BBC Business page today by Nigel Cassidy

Link to the following article on the BBC

'Size Matters: Which Airlines are best for Hand Baggage'

When it comes to carry on sizes for all the varying airlines it is safe to say its a jungle out there! That horrible feeling when you are directed to the cage for checking your luggage size, not a nice feeling. We sell carry on cases to satisfy most of the airlines, it does mean if you travel a lot and use lots of different carriers you may end up with a little family of carry on cases! or of course you opt for the smallest size to please all and miss out valuable luggage space when you fly with the more generous!

This is a brilliant article and clearly breaks down the jungle that is carry on cases.

Peace of mind makes for happier flying....

Hinomoto Wheels

Our new Victorinox bags have very elegant wheels on them. Now you may think "A wheel is a wheel" well in concept a wheel is a wheel. However these wheels are like comparing a Fiat Panda to a Rolls Royce Phantom, they truelly are in a league of there own. The Panda is nice but not quite the quality of the Phantom.

Most suitcases just come with moulded wheels on them. These Hinomoto wheels are moulded but have a soft outer on the wheel to allow for a smoother roll across any surface.

The build quality of these wheels makes for a very high quality product. A case will wheel three times easier with Hinomoto wheels.

These wheels should allow you to have the smoothest travelling suitcase in the airport! and be the envy of other travellers.